Little Update

Just a little update:

I am now in Hikertown. I am about 6 days behind schedule. I’m not worried. I am having an amazing time. My achilles hurts occasionally but nothing like before. People are awesome. I crave salty, spicy, lemony snacks. I’m often hungry but have actually gained weight due to muscle mass. I’m always sore. Uphills suck. Wifi does too. Blog posts are difficult to keep up with. Thanks for reading.

About elinatravels

I’m Elina Oliferovskiy, a Russian-born 27-year-old restless soul who’s never really found a place to dig her roots in deep ever since I moved to the United States in 1998. I move every year or two, backpack for months at a time, and occasionally live and travel in a motorhome--and I (usually) love every minute of my (somewhat) nomadic lifestyle. Feel free to follow along on my journey by reading my blog!
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4 Responses to Little Update

  1. CT Lyles says:

    I had the same cravings for salty and spicy. The chili flavored ramen mixed with dehydrated refried beans was one of my favorite salty spicy dinners on the PCT last year.

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  2. Just Me says:

    “Blog posts are difficult to keep up with.”

    Exactly! That is why I did not do one last year. I do admire those that seem to have the gift or disciple to keep them up. My discipline was all absorbed by my 25 mile daily goal! Too tired to bother writing after that.

    Good to hear the Achilles is not getting worse.


  3. Great blog can’t wait for more adventures thnx

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