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Pampered in the Wilderness

Before leaving Julian, I stopped by the bookstore where Don, the owner, had picked out several books for me to read while I hike. He chose “The Yearling” by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, which was one of the first movies I … Continue reading

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We Take Nothing for Granted

Out here, we take nothing for granted. A free ziploc bag? Right when the one I keep my trail mix in tore and spilled all over my pack? Yes! Baby wipes? Right when I was getting really tired of smelling … Continue reading

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Falling in Love with the World

This is day 5. I have not hiked yet today. My left ankle was swollen for the past three days, and now that the swelling went down (after two ice-cold soaks in a creek), my right achilles is acting up. … Continue reading

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In search of home.

  “So this is home,” he says as he spreads his arms and looks around him. “Yeah. For the next 6 months,” I say and then fall silent to let it really sink in. It didn’t sink in. It still … Continue reading

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This is the beginning.

Saturday’s obligatory terminus photo. Pure happiness is embodied in this.  This is the beginning. Of my hike. Of an adventure. Of the rest of my life. Of everything. Can you feel my joy???

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This is real, and it’s happening!

I’m on my way to Campo to begin my thru-hike. We didn’t get there in the morning due to my sweet mama treating us to a buffet. By “us,” I mean me, my desert night hiking buddy, and this amazing long-haired … Continue reading

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Procrastinating PCT Hiker Full of Messy Feelings

So, this is the life of a terrible procrastinator. Instead of being all packed up and ready to go and relaxing as I wait for my start date, I am still getting my gear organized and ordering things I forgot … Continue reading

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