Walking & Talking: Windy Desert, Hunger, Injuries

Hi All!

I haven’t been blogging much lately, and I find it extremely difficult to do so with no cell service in the middle of the desert, but in my absence, I made you all a video of me hiking and talking about random things–the weather, my injury, the lack of water, hunger, my trail family, and what hiking the PCT is like. The video consists of multiple clips filmed all throughout the day, hours apart, and you can see how much windier it gets with each video until it’s nearly blowing me over! Haha. You also see me begin to limp more and more and begin to make plans to get off the trail for a few days to heal, which I actually ended up having to do.

Anyways, enjoy. Sorry it’s so long! Apparently, I like to talk a lot when I’m filming myself in the middle of nowhere.

pct me 2

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About elinatravels

I’m Elina Oliferovskiy, a Russian-born 27-year-old restless soul who’s never really found a place to dig her roots in deep ever since I moved to the United States in 1998. I move every year or two, backpack for months at a time, and occasionally live and travel in a motorhome--and I (usually) love every minute of my (somewhat) nomadic lifestyle. Feel free to follow along on my journey by reading my blog!
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5 Responses to Walking & Talking: Windy Desert, Hunger, Injuries

  1. John Mahl says:

    It is interesting that you are wearing your jacket in the desert, but maybe it is cool and windy. I hope you can get past the injury and have a great hike.


    • elinatravels says:

      It was insanely windy and cold! I posted the link to the video if you’d like to see 🙂


      • John Mahl says:

        Thanks for posting the video. It was really interesting to watch and to imagine your struggle to get through that last half mile, which is always the longest. Beautiful scenery, but you needed goggles with that wind.


      • elinatravels says:

        It definitely did … Haha, it was endless! And my glasses are basically goggles. 😛


  2. Carly says:

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