Off the Trail – My Wilderness Home Awaits!

[Written a few days ago:]

I’ve been off the trail for 4 days, and it’s been driving me insane, but it’s also been wonderful. Staying with my loving mama was the best thing ever. I’ve been fed soup and sandwiches and fresh salads nonstop, had cooling cream rubbed into my swollen tendons and wrapped KT tape all over my ankles (we did it wrong, I know, but it prevents me from bending my foot too much which lessens the pain), and honestly, I’ve just been spoiled rotten.


I mean, seriously… look at this. This is me soaking in the tub and my mom knocks on the door and asks if she can bring me something and hands me a sandwich. I’m the luckiest PCT hiker ever to have a mother like mine taking care of me when I’m hurting. 🙂



But….I’m going to give all this selfish pampering up and get back out there tonight! I’ll be taking it slow and going from Mountain Center to Big Bear these next few days ( and yes, I am aware of the fire closures and will be avoiding certain parts of the trail).

My injured foot is healing slowly. It feels a little better than it did a few days ago. Some days, I can walk fine, with hardly any limping or pain. Other days (and especially nights) are really bad. But I’m feeling stronger, and I believe I can go out there and continue hiking slowly and be aware of what my body allows me and listen to it. I can’t let this stop me!

I am taking supplements to aid my body in the recovery process: magnesium, calcium, vitamin D, E, and collagen. Additionally, I’m going to try taking protein powder and see if it aids in making me feel stronger and healthier. And now that I know what KT tape is, I will be bringing it with me and actually reading the instructions and putting it on right so that I don’t look like this, haha.

I understand what I did wrong. I was too excited, too eager, too impatient, and I didn’t let my body slowly adjust to the process of hiking for 10 hours a day. I donned an overly heavy pack, wore cheap shoes that gave my ankle and achilles zero protection, and ran up and down inclines and declines. And by “ran,” I actually mean just that. I like running on the trail, and that can be a great workout, but I shouldn’t have done so on day one. I should have built up to that level, not started with it. Lesson learned. Lesson really learned. Now, please, dear feet, let me do my thing!

My wilderness home awaits!

About elinatravels

I’m Elina Oliferovskiy, a Russian-born 27-year-old restless soul who’s never really found a place to dig her roots in deep ever since I moved to the United States in 1998. I move every year or two, backpack for months at a time, and occasionally live and travel in a motorhome--and I (usually) love every minute of my (somewhat) nomadic lifestyle. Feel free to follow along on my journey by reading my blog!
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2 Responses to Off the Trail – My Wilderness Home Awaits!

  1. jjmjarvis says:

    I’ve definitely been over exerting myself as well, I think. There’s seriously no rush to the Sierras. You’re making me really wanna go home to my mom’s in Oceanside! Your mom sounds awesome!


    • elinatravels says:

      I used to live in Oceanside! Loved it! Go visit her 🙂 Moms are the best!
      And I’m not rushing. I did a 14 mile day yesterday, realized that was too tough in my foot, and did only 6 miles today. No guilt, no shame. 🙂


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